My Medicine Cabiiinet

This apparel line was started because of my love for creative outlets and community. Beyond simple admiration, I truly see art as a transformative force, in mind and Spirit. Western culture tries to pull us from this innate knowing.

However, Indigenous knowledge systems and history beg to differ; from Raga Chikitsa of India to The Soweto Uprising of South Africa, The Free West Papua Movement to the healing ceremonies across Turtle Island, the Center for Music & Medicine to The Harlem Renaissance -- transformational energy sits at their foundation.

There is erasure in language that seeks to minimize the power of music/creative expression, but I make these textiles to keep truth at the forefront. Growing up in a Samoan household, music was all around – from the birth of a new baby to the burial grounds of a loved one. There are remedies in the melodies. It's a spiritual thing. It's medicine. It's yours. It's mine.