Sustainability is a State of Being


When we hear the word sustainability, sometimes it seems like a concept that is far from reach. However, there is power in how we spend our capital. Where there is demand, there is not only supply, but change.

"My Medicine Cabiiinet" is an apparel line seeking to change our outlook on the production of our everyday clothes, starting with shirts. 

When I started this journey, I made a conscientious choice to be in business while also being ethical. That's why I only source eco-friendly garments from Bella + Canvas.

We talk about being the change that we want to see, so with that idea, I wanted to find a way to implement that core value into my business model. This call to be critical isn't only applicable to apparel, but to all aspects of life. After all, the bottom line is to raise our own consciousness for the betterment of not only ourselves.